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Blogging the gifs away

Hypertemporality Animations, a project by Peter Baldes, are a series of gif files laid out in a table that due to network conditions, browser idiosyncrasies, and the user’s own behaviour act dynamically. These simple, animated shapes and colors load sequencially, a typical web browser behaviour, giving birth to dynamic images that are the result of factors other than the artist's will. Reloading them or using different browsers will make them load differently everytime. Slower or faster Internet connection speed will influence how the animations are viewed.
These Hypertemps are categorized according to three subjects: color field, shape and web, which are simply a way to catalogue the artist’s inspiration for the original animated composition. Web relates to the use of an already existing animated gif. In the case of the flickr ones, Baldes created his own from a known web image (the flickr loading screen interface animation). Web also relates to representing time. Cory Arcangel's email gif gets subverted to more accurately show what an email must go through to arrive at it's destination, Tom Moody's atomic animation is broken down to show Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, flickr loads slowly… Animations labelled as color field use specific colour palettes or colour relationships that are significantly interesting to the artist. Shape follows the same principle than the previous category but now taking forms and shapes as the main interest.
These animations were originally created for an online exhibition called Hypertemportality, hosted by the University of Richmond and curated by Nathan Altice. Now they have moved to a blog, allowing Baldes to explore a more dynamic, almost performative way of creating and presenting his animated experiments.

Hypertemporality Animations
2005 - ongoing
Peter Baldes


Such a beautiful sky today...

Such an incredible piece... there is nothing I want to say except: awesome!

This project was initially made in 2002 (or 2003, Arcangel isn't sure), but now he rewrote it. The artist took an old Super Mario Nintendo video game and erased everything but the clouds. In his personal blog, Cory's Web LOG, Cory posted a tutorial on how to do it. Go check it out.

And since the year is coming to its end, I almost feel like saying this is one of 2005's best projects (even if this is a version of an older project). But then again, the "best of the year" ideology always strikes me as completely random... So I'll just say it is a great project.


Calling For Informations

Chiara Passa is developping for Medialab in Madrid a project called Art Calling-Digital Art Stories.The purpose of the project is to bring people closer to digital art in an easy way. “Art Calling-Digital Stories” is a public art project that invites people to listen to stories about digital art (through phone booths used as a communicative medium).

People using “Art Calling-Digital Stories” only need to dial a telephone number (listed on sticker on the booth) which is linked to a switchboard (from a telephone company) with various vocal options and also various audio files. For instance, one of the audio files could be about software art and it will correspond to the phone’s #5 key. The person wanting to listen to information on software art, must call the number, hear all the vocal options and later push button #5. Inside the booth people will find another sticker with instructions about how to connect with different stories. Every tale will be told in English. The stories are about the most interesting artists, artworks and events on interactive art, software art, modified video games, demo scene, hacking tools, digital animation, video installation, sound art, from the beginning to present day, several selected by Passa herself.

The “Art Calling-Digital Stories” audio files will also contain additional materials such as bibliography, webography, info about artists, specific projects, festivals and various resources. Submissions regarding artistic material and artist’s works can be sent to chiapa@libero.it

Art Calling-Digital Art Stories
Chiara Passa
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