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Mona Lisa Toogled

C6 is a London-based collective of artists and designers, recently aligned with Tactical Media or Strategic art, who share a decisively anarchistic view of life and a sense of humour. They devellop eventslike digital and physical performance, anarchic stenciling campaigns or fine-art propaganda. The group has opened minds in pubs, clubs and galleries, on the streets and on the web. As a code-slave liberation front of sorts, the designers mock the hype around new media, while showing that they know how to deal with code at the same time.

One of C6's best project is Toogle, "The most comprehensive image buggery on the web". Toogle is a page that mimics Google's look. It also works as a search engine but slightly different than its Google counterpart. Using Google's image search engine, Toogle returns those searches in ascii. This ascii image is constructed out of the word that you entered to search.

Toogle (and the more recent Woogle) uses a search engine as relevant and ideologic as Google and completely subverts it. One can only access one image (not anything more) about the word searched for, but even that image isn't the original one Google found. It is a transformation of it, made entirely of the word we are looking for. A nice way of subverting searching (and finding) information on the web.

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