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Best Of - My Boyfriend Came Back From The War

Almost ten years ago, in 1996, Olia Lialina created My Boyfriend Came Back From The War, an interactive, non-linear narrative, making use of basic web technology. Two lovers are reunited after a war and start having a conversation, which unfolds as we click on the photos and texts that show up in the screen. Depending on where we click, the story may take slightly different turns.

Everything is very contained: no sound, no colours, simply black and white, transmitting a certain feeling of timelessness. The strenght comes from the intensity of what is said. Those lovers could be any lovers after any war.

In 1996, most creative experiences with the web were exploring political issues, but this one dealt with something more subtle, relationships, loss, love and trust. Despite being online, Lialina never thought of it as a net art piece. As she said it: "It's my most successful work, but it is not a real net project. The fact that it can exist on cd-rom, that you can put it on a floppy and go to any computer and show it offline makes a difference."

Despite this classification issue, My Boyfriend Came Back From The War can be thought of one of the most influencial pieces of what can now be termed net art's historical period. The narrative it puts up is poetic and simple, yet very strong. It opened up net art to narrative and to different ways of storytelling as another way of exploring the artistic possibilities of the world wide web.

Olia Lialina
My Boyfriend Came Back From The War
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