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Mapping the web

mapper#09 is a small piece constructed with processing, as an attempt to visually represent the structure of the world wide web and how information is organized in it. It was built to retrieve the external links of a web page and navigate through them. It works in a rather simple way: given an initial url, the external links are retrieved if they exist, one of the links is randomly chosen and the process is repeated until it finds a page without any external links.

The attitude is exploratory; the metaphor of the map is obvious. Revealing what is hidden, what is unknown, covered, that which permits for the web to exist becomes central to this artwork. The concept of the link and the action of linking as a way of structuring the web, almost as the building blocks of a cyber-architecture.

We can see this project as an online cartographer, exploring unknown, unexplored online territories, mapping them for the first time, but we can also talk of a translation tool. mapper #09 translates the specific language of the web into a visual language, simplifying, almost demystifying part of the properties and invisible processes defining the World Wide Web.

mapper #09
Vítor Silva


Anonymous Anónimo said...

I like the idea that using data of a space determined to the informatics like the Internet can be generated a map of relations of connectivity.
interesting project

4/8/05 00:06  

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