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One possible way to start this blog is presenting my latest project, a netart show called Online - Portuguese Netart 1997-2004. The purpose of this show was to look at what has been done by Portuguese artists in the domain of netart. With this show I am not saying there is a specificity of Portuguese netart when compared to the international scene. I just selected (and being a personal selection it is highly subjective and questionable) what I thought were the best netart projects done by Portuguese (net)artists since 1997. I divided them into five different categories, adressing different subjects or ways of thinking the internet, (h)activism, interactivity, narrative, world wide web and geography.

The show is produced by Atmosferas - Digital Arts Centre and it is available at www.atmosferas.net/netart

Please feel free to visit the show and give some feedback or random opinions and thoughts.
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